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FAQ / Information

Who is this site for?
Buyers or Suppliers / Service Providers operating in a B2B environment.
Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer.

As a buyer you may use this site to find suppliers from around the world or subscribe to relevant products and sell offers. You may also register your company to be seen in relevant business categories

As a seller (supplier) you may list your Company Profile and add your Product catalogue.

Is this service for free?
Yes, there are no direct or hidden costs.

How will my registered information be used?
We do not at any time or circumstance sell or distribute any information/data you submit to this site.
Our staff will review your company profile and approve it within a day or two after you register if it meets terms and conditions of this site.

Can I create more than 1 company profile?
Yes, if you represent more than one company you may register up to 5 different companies

Please refer to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for further information.

Company mission

tradeglocal.biz is a site with a mission to make it easy for anyone to buy or sell anywhere in the world. This is specifically a business-to-business marketplace.
The company is focused on eco-friendly and fairtrade b2b business activities.

tradeglocal.biz was founded in december 2014 by a group of entreprenuers in order to make Internet accessible, trustworthy and beneficial for business owners. The privately held tradeglocal.biz currently employs 5 people around the world and has a office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Feel free to Contact us with any questions.

Technical information

Browser support: Internet Explorer 8,9,10,11. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.
OS: Windows, Mac